Amato Daniele Shoes


Daniele Amato: Twenty years old, a sparkling personality, filled with great projects and aspirations for the future, but always pragmatic. His creativity began to develop in the heart of Milan, in via Cosimo del Fante 13, where the family business is located. Following the tradition established more than one hundred years ago by the founders of the famous Leu Locati’s handicraft factory, he continued to create classic designs adding innovative details and enriching every item. The initial steps of observation and study of the evolving market trends were followed by his explosive creativity and today he is a prominent designer of shoes and handbags in the world of fashion accessories.

Amato Daniele brand offers a wide range of bags, footwear and accessories for men and women, a natural choice for those looking for an exclusive product, 100% MADE IN ITALY. Unique materials, traditional workmanship, liners and leather soles of a characteristic electric blue guarantee a quality without compromise. This trade has been handed down from generation to generation with the aim of bringing to life exclusive artifacts entirely handmade in Italy, applying the know how to enhance the elegance of the holder thanks to their outstanding DESIGN and the utmost attention to detail. The result is original, fun, sensual and aggressive, reflecting the passion of the DESIGNER and the love that originated them.

Amato Daniele Shoes


Amato Daniele Shoes


W127 Sculpture heel
A self conscious and elegant woman, sure of herself and her sensuality, not afraid to affirm her style; this is the essence of a woman inspiring the designer’s work. How can you then stand out and do it in style? To fulfill this dream, Daniele Amato designed and manufactured a particular gold plated heel that enhances his iconic décolleté model. A tapered and ever-present shape has made its creations unique and unforgettable so that all the women wearing it can feel innovative and trendy.


A428 Handbag

The A428 handbag is a Leu Locati model from the ‘60s. Inspired by its classic design, I have added a touch of originality making it one of the most innovating and representative model of my creations.
This form has become a landmark of my style and appears in all my collections since the beginning. Always lively, always new, always colorful, a real attraction that makes it unique and brings a touch of elegance and originality to all dresses.

I have a strong emotional attachment to this particular shape. It embodies what I do every day within my family's business: follow the inspiration to create new collections based on a long and successful tradition. I like to give new life and color to the classic LeuLocati collections adding something of myself

Amato Daniele Shoes


by Leu Locati

The passion for handcrafting beauty is a legacy, passed down not only through the Locati family but also through the Artisans who embrace the passion and tradition of the craft.

Amato Daniele
Amato Daniele Shoes

Every artisan has developed a know-how for producing bags in many types of materials, regardless of the complexity. Every handbag is 100% prepared, moulded, formed and assembled in- house by Leu Locati in the heart of Milan.